Dentists and medical specialists

Diagnosis and empathie

Dentists and medical specialists know that in the health care sector in the Netherlands, following an empathic track is at least as important as following an analytical track in order to come to a good diagnosis. The Dutch patient wants to feel heard when he/she leaves your consultation room. Empathy hereby involves more than just ready-made sentences (such as “How annoying for you!”), which have the suggestion of an instant solution. Empathy means being alert to a patient’s actual, often unexpected, needs (including non-verbal ones). That‘s why we practice many role plays in our courses to practice the patient-doctor conversations and teach you how to communicate (verbally and non-verbally) flexibly and empathically in the Dutch healthcare culture.

The more advanced the language course, the more the training will focus on the practice of the medical specialist (even on your own medical specialism).


AKV-test and BIG-registration

Our advanced course Medisch Nederlands, B2->C1 is fully oriented to the medical/dental practice and proves to be an excellent preparation for the AKV-test. During this training not only does your medical Dutch become flexible at an advanced level. The many medical role plays and simulations also prepare you thoroughly for the AKV test. All parts of the test are discussed in detail: summarizing and presenting medical information and research, patient interviews, medical reporting.

In addition, we pay a lot of attention to the Dutch doctor-patient relationship and the Dutch healthcare culture.



Medical clients UAF: BIG- registration and cultural awareness

For refugee dentists and medical specialists, who have had to leave their homes behind, it is important, like no other, to understand the culture of the new country so that they can feel safe and at home. That’s why DiD cooperates with the UAF and provides a group training ‘Medisch Nederlands”, B2 -> C1 for refugee medical specialists, pharmacists and dentists as preparation of the AKV-test.

In cooperation with a former student of the UAF, DiD conducted a survey among UAF clients before, during and after the training in order to meet the specific needs and wishes of highly educated refugees who want to work in Dutch as a medical specialist. Refugee medical specialist require more information about the cultural aspects of the Dutch healthcare was one of the conclusions of this survey.

A maximum of 6 people can take part in the group training.

Created by professionals for professionals

  • list of Dutch-English medical terms
  • list of Dutch-English dental terms
  • Dutch language tool for foreign dentists


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A1-A2: VOCA: (tand)arts begin

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