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At home in (medical) communication

For refugee dentists and medical specialists, who have had to leave their homes behind, it is important, like no other, to understand the culture of the new country so that they can feel safe and at home. That’s why DiD cooperates with the UAF and provides a group training ‘Medisch Nederlands”, B2 -> C1 for refugee medical specialists, pharmacists and dentists as preparation of the AKV-test. In cooperation with a former student of the UAF, DiD conducted a survey among UAF clients before, during and after the training in order to meet the specific needs and wishes of highly educated refugees who want to work in Dutch as a medical specialist. Refugee medical specialist require more information about the cultural aspects of the Dutch healthcare was one of the conclusions of this survey.The UAF has been providing support to refugee students and professionals in their studies and in finding suitable employment on the Dutch labour market since 1948.

Dutch in Dialogue verzorgt trainingen (8 dagdelen van 5 uur; 2x per jaar: voorjaar/najaar) aan vluchteling-artsen, -tandartsen en -apothekers ter voorbereiding op de AKV-toets én op hun nieuwe beroepspraktijk in Nederland. Niveau: B2-C1. In de traingen komen alle onderdelen van de AKV-toets ruim aan bod, maar het gaat niet om 'teaching to the test'. Er is geen sprake van een specifieke examentraining. Afhankelijk van de Coronamaatregelen is de opzet van de training live of digitaal. Eeen digitale training vraagt om 



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