Ex-British ambassador to the Netherlands

“I count myself as a very satisfied customer of Dutch in Dialogue. I started with a course of one-on-one lessons, usually weekly. The instructor very effectively grasped my existing strengths and weaknesses in the language, and we worked intensively on the latter. I found that we were able to make good progress, largely thanks to the professionalism of the instructor. The lessons were invariably thorough and wellprepared.

Immediately before my exam I did 48 hours of intensive training, on a residential basis in Oosterbeek. I found this an exceptionally valuable experience. The days were extremely well planned. What could have been a gruelling or monotonous experience was in practice anything but: the pace and shape of the tuition was skilfully varied. I felt I made considerable progress in a short time.

At the end of the day I passed quite a demanding exam; more to the point, I feel that I now have the means to use Dutch when I need to in my working life. I’m very grateful to Dutch in Dialogue for making that possible. The key to their success, I think, is that they listen to the student, and gear their tuition very directly to his or her professional needs. Long may such a bespoke service continue.”

Natalia Goncharova

"Now I am able to express myself confidently in Dutch!"

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