References Lawyers, attorneys and notaries

Yi Duan

Counsel bij De Brauw, Westbroek, Blackstone
"I wholeheartedly recommend Dutch in Dialogue to people who want to improve their Dutch. I took a two-day intensive course together with a few follow-up lessons. What struck me as exceptional was the level of personal attention and care from my trainers. Course materials were carefully put together reflecting my wishes and actual work environment. Although training days were long, they were well planned with conversations, simulations, and various other assignments. I have focused my trainings on communication. The trainers managed to provide feedbacks, guidance and challenges throughout different simulations and presentations. The entire process was very interactive, instead of lecturing..."

Sissela Enquist

"Relocating to a new country can be tricky. There will always be new interactions that are difficult to foresee and prepare for yourself. Understanding the language, and the non verbal communication codes are key to truly enjoy your new environment! Indeed, as a lawyer specialised in privacy, IT, technology and intellectual property, the standard approach to language and culture wasn’t really an option. Dutch In Dialogue took on this assignment with ambition and a wide range of skills. In essence, Dutch in Dialogue set me off on a wonderful learning process and empowered me to be confident and proud whilst integrating in my new language, country and career. "

Helen Gornall

Partner | Lawyer (Advocaat / Solicitor) at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek | Competition Law
"Dutch in Dialogue is a fantastic language institute training and coaching) for professionals who want to improve their level of understanding and fluency in Dutch. My level of spoken Dutch is very good but I can still sometimes struggle with Dutch in the workplace - legal jargon, complex technical vocabulary etc. The intensivetraining followed by weekly sessions was invaluable in getting me to the next level - I am now much more comfortable presenting and debating in Dutch. Thanks to my trainers/coaches Marjo Jaski and Geert van de Ven. Thanks Dutch in Dialogue."