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Breaking the ice

DNHK ondersteunt al meer dan 115 jaar Duits-Nederlandse ondernemers en heeft meer dan 1500 leden. Dutch in Dialogue verzorgt enkele keren per jaar via DNHK seminars voor Duitse ondernemers in Duitsland (bijvoorbeeld Duisburg; Düsseldorf).

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A three-day seminar offers German businesspeople to improve their business Dutch from a beginner to a slightly advanced level. The seminar will enable you to introduce yourself in a business situation with profile. In addition you will be supported to give a short company and product presentation and be flexible in talking on the phone to your Dutch customers.

Furthermore you will practice simple negotiations and sales talks within a Dutch business setting. Etiquette and cultural differences will be integrated on all days. The last day of the training deals with the specific technical language that is common in your industry.

Extra: a tailor-made short presentation about your own company or product.            

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