Jan Loos (90), eyewitness to Operation Market Garden, tells a British diplomat at the Oosterbeek War Cemetery about the dramatic military operation in 1944. The excursion was part of the training and was highly rated.

Diplomats and ambassadors

The touch for effective relations

Our diplomatic clients have very specific needs. We discuss the complexity of Dutch society and its subcultures thoroughly. By helping you to fully comprehend these complexities, we will help you build even more effective relationships. You will converse easily and with authority on major topics such as politics, business development and cooperation on today’s important cross-border issues like crime.

Preparation DSLA exam

If needed we can help you to prepare for the DSLA (Diplomatic Service Language Exam). Extra’s: The programs of this target group will be customized with one or more Dutch spoken interviews if desired with decision-makers from business, education, defense or politics.
In additon, we can organise Dutch spoken excursions e.g: a guided tour of the military cemetary and the Airborne museum in Oosterbeek.



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