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Our online beginners’ course has proven to be very efficient for the non-Dutch professional who already wants to prepare for his/her future Dutch working environment in his/her home country. In your own time and with regular digital feedback you can reach the beginner’s level within the CEFR in 8 weeks. Four screen to screen sessions with your trainer to practice speaking skills.

For some professionals, for various reasons, online training is the only option to improve their language skills and cultural awareness of Dutch and take a step within the CEFR. For these clients Dutch in Dialogue then offers part time customized online training courses.

With online after-care, the trainers support you screen to screen in applying what you have learned on your work floor. With continuous learning, you stay online in contact with your coach for a longer period of time and discuss your communicative challenges at work on a regular basis (e.g. a presentation to a client, a performance interview, writing a report or a call with your stake holders).

During all our programs (live or online) our clients will have access to our unique customized digital learning platform Learning Stone, which will provide them background information, grammar, exercises, tests, authentic audio- and video materials, webinars, instructions for a correct pronunciation, vocabulary lists.

Fees ‘Online’: No VAT will be charged. DiD is registered as an educational establishment:

Online Beginners’ course:

  • € 495,- pp (with a minimum of 4 participants)
  • duration 8 weeks
  • weekly digital feedback plus 4 sessions with a trainer to exercise speaking skills
  • test at A1 level (according to CEFR)

Online Part time course:

  • € 435,- per half day: 3 hours of private screen tot screen tuition 
  • € 3850,- per 1 step within CEFR: 9 half days of 3 hours of private tuition 

We offer subscriptions for aftercare and coaching sessions and for continuous learning.

  • € 435,- for 3 private sessions (1 hour each) 
  • € 785,- for 6 private sessions (1 hour each)

* extra travel costs on the basis of 2nd class public transport
** No VAT will be charged. DiD is registered as an educational establishment

All our fees apply to private tuition.
Please contact us for fees of small groups:

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