In Progress

‘In Progress’ means that after completing a crash course or part time course the trainers and coaches of Dutch in Dialogue support you to applying, maintaining and improving your Dutch proficiency during the performance of your job.

This is possible by after-care, a follow-up course or continuous learning.

With after-care, the trainers support you in applying what you have learned on your work floor. A follow-up course allows you to improve your proficiency a whole step further within the CEFR. With continuous learning, you stay in contact with your coach for a longer period of time and discuss your communicative challenges at work on a regular basis. During short weekly sessions at the beginning or end of the day, you and your trainer can practice these communicative issues in a role play so that you can approach your communication partners with self-confidence and flair. Think, for example, of a presentation you have to give to clients, a performance interview you have to conduct, or a call where you find it difficult to get the floor.

We try to be as flexible as your agenda requires.

Fees ‘In Progress’

Live course:

  • € 4375,-** follow up crash course: Monday till Friday, 6 hours per day of private tuition. NB: two consecutive crash courses of a full week are not do-able. Several weeks processing time is recommendedlocation live: off-site at Dutch in Dialogue in Oosterbeek  
  • € 875,-* follow up part time per day: 6 hours of private tuition ** 

* extra travel costs on the basis of 2nd class public transport
** No VAT will be charged. DiD is registered as an educational establishment

On line subscriptions:
We offer on line subscriptions for aftercare and coaching sessions and for continuous learning.

  • € 435,- for 3 private sessions (1 hour each) 
  • € 785 ,- for 6 private sessions (1 hour each)

All our fees apply to private tuition.
Please contact us for fees of small groups:

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