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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does Dutch in Dialogue deal with coronavirus and the related government regulations?
2. How does Dutch in Dialogue inform clients of policy changes related to coronavirus and infection rates?

Costs and conditions

1. I have received a quote. How long is it valid?
2. Which training methods does Dutch in Dialogue offer and what are the costs involved?
3. What are your general conditions?
4. What are your privacy regulations?


1. Are there any costs or obligations associated with an intake?
2. How long does an intake take and what topics are usually discussed?

Crash course or a longer program

1. In a crash course, clients take a full step forward in CEFR level in one week. How is that possible?
2. One step a week. Does that mean it’s possible to reach the B2 level in four consecutive weeks?
3. How do you choose between a crash course and a lengthier program spread over days or half-days?

Training facilities

1. Where do (which) training programs take place?
2. Is it also possible to follow a program in small groups?

CEFR and language level

1. What is the CEFR?
2. How do I know my CEFR level?