Personal coaching

It’s through live dialogue that DiD’s working method is at its most effective. In other words, it is about mutual exchange in the deepest sense of the word. Then we can fully address (non-)verbal components, melodic and rhythmic qualities, and communicative approach. Our training goals can delve deeper than usual, and that demands a lot. However, that extra effort (e.g. our feedback about non-verbal communication) is often richly rewarded.

If in-person learning is not an option (e.g. due to coronavirus or foreign residence), then modern digital and online resources are also available to our clients. This can be particularly useful when an initial onboarding process (0-A1) is already underway in the client’s country of origin. That’s why we also coach clients online (via Zoom) and remotely through our learning management system, digital tools and tracking systems. This allows for blended learning and flipping the classroom, teaching methods that promote active learning and result in optimum use of contact with the trainer (whether live or via Zoom).

Personal coaching

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