Customized program design

When it comes to customizing training resources to fit our clients’ work situations, DiD sets a high standard.

Within the medical sector, for example, it makes quite a difference whether we are talking about ‘a doctor’ in general or specifically about an anaesthetist at a pain clinic.  Both see patients and deal with symptoms and the causes of symptoms and illnesses, but one glance at the training material for an anaesthetist in a pain clinic shows how specific the content DiD offers is:

Similarly, in the financial sector, it makes a difference whether we speak generically of a ‘financial expert’ or specifically of a ‘risk manager at a pension fund’.

For DiD, ‘customized’ does not mean putting ourselves in the professional’s shoes. What it does mean is that we want to use good source research to motivate professionals as much as possible to apply the language specifically and flexibly within their speciality.

Customized program design

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